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A Perfect Holiday Gift
by Dr. Mark Wolff

Read A Perfect Holiday Gift by Dr. Mark Wolff to learn more about Green Mountain Chiropractic and Massage and our Chiropractic office in Lakewood, CO.

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Holiday Stress Relief Lakewood COWhichever holiday that’s presently looming, you know they’re not always the relaxing times you’d like them to be. This is especially the case at Christmas. Shopping and visiting and hosting and eating and drinking … it all becomes a mad blur that can leave you needing, well, a holiday.

Let us help you enjoy!

Come and De-Stress the Healthy Way!

This holiday season we want to help you Give and Receive!” Give the Gift of Health to your friends and family with a **Free Chiropractic Consultation from Green Mountain Chiropractic and Massage. In return you will Receive a Free Half Hour Massage to help you recover from that shopping frenzy!

**The offer to give and receive a Gift of Health from Green Mountain Chiropractic and Massage is valid through 12/25/2013 and limited to the first 20 gifts.

Every year we enjoy our families at Thanksgiving but secretly we are beginning the preparation for the mad shopping season and the one long session of parties, dinner parties, and social obligations that last the entire month of December! Humans are pretty resilient creatures, but we can start to lag when we ask too much from our bodies for too long. The combination of the wrong food, too much booze, late nights, rushing around, and, let’s say it, family stresses, can all amount to physical overload, taxing our immune system, and we start suffering.

Moving into the holiday season, we should always try to keep our excesses to a minimum. Try to achieve a balance and remember to eat healthily as much as possible, despite the rather less than healthy meals that you may be obliged to eat to keep the peace with the relatives. Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out your system, stretch out your muscles to ease the tension, and don’t forget that exercise during the holidays is not actually banned by law.

Here are some tips to keep you in tip-top condition if you’re going for …

Olympic Gold in Shopping

  • Keep well-hydrated. Drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water every day, and don’t substitute any of that with coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol, because those are diuretics and will end up robbing you of water.
  • Choose your shopping shoes for their comfort not style. You need plenty of cushioning to counteract those endless hours on your feet.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as well, and, if it’s cold out, have a few layers so you can peel them off and pile them on as you move from the streets to the warm shop interiors and back out again.
  • Ladies keep your shoulder bag contents to a bare minimum, and try to balance your bags evenly between both hands.
  • Any slight aches and pains you feel after a day out shopping, grab an ice pack and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes, before removing for at least two hours. Repeat several times over a day or two until you feel better.

A Little R&R

  • When having a serious shopping day, take a break every 45 minutes, or more often if you feel the need.
  • In a mall or a shopping area where lockers are provided, use one to store your shopping bags as you acquire them. Or if you can park close by, drop the bags in the trunk every so often.
  • Coffee may seem like a good idea as a quick boost, but it adds extra stress to the system. As for soda, that’s also not a good idea. Ever. Stick with water.

Shopping With Children

  • Children and extended shopping trips don’t go together. Not only will they tire before you do and want to go home, they will want to buy everything in every shop. That’s a double whammy of whining that’s going to stress you out. Try and get someone to look after them instead.

That’s a Wrap

  • When you have a mound of gifts to wrap, make sure you don’t sit or stand in one position for too long, or you’ll start to ache. Vary your position, but avoid wrapping while sitting on the floor, even when carpeted, as this is very bad for your posture.
  • It may sound a little over the top, but stretch before and after wrapping your gifts. Massage can also be helpful after shopping or a wrapping marathon.

We Can Help

Here at Green Mountain Chiropractic and Massage our expert team is ready to make sure your spine is in tip top condition to be able to battle not only the physical crowds but turbo boost your immune system. Add a Quick and Easy Spinal Check-Up today and Have Your Health Wrapped up for the Holidays!

Stocking Stuffers

Buy Massage Gift Certificates for everyone on your holiday gift list!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Mark Wolff

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